Dime- Tell me

Don’t tell me you miss me when it isn’t true

Tell me you’ve forgotten me and that I bore you

Tell me you’ve found another person who will hear you out

Tell me you don’t care


It’s fine, I won’t be upset ( i mean that)

What does pain me are the lies

You tossed me to the side when I just wanted to be your friend

It’s ok, that’s the way things go


Tell me you won’t need my help

Tell me you you won’t talk to me

Tell me you don’t care about me


Don’t text me, don’t call me, don’t need me



Below the line the poem is translated to spanish, which sounds more dramatic.

No digas que me extrañas cuando no es cierto

Dime que te olvidaste de mi y que yo te aburro

Dime que encontraste a otra persona que te va ha escuchar

Dime que ya no te importa


Esta bien, yo no me enojo

Lo que si me duele es que mientes

Me echaste al lado cuando yo solo quise ser tu amiga

Esta bien, asi pasen las cosas


Dime que ya no vas a necesitar mi ayuda

Dime que ya no me vas ha hablar

Dime que ya no te importa



This is for the “friends” y Los novios who ensured they’d stick along with me, but fell off somewhere along the road. It happens. I get it. To the friends who only text me when they need something. Drink it up, this one is for you. Emoji kissy face. 


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