The little old man and his Peaches

Selling fruit to meet the demands

To pay the bills

To buy the medicine

To feed the children

The little old man drags his cart of fruit through the entire block

Each strain displays how fatigued he is

The array of sunlight beams on his sweat dripping face

A form of hard work in a worn out neighborhood

The sun showcases his warm heart and his sweet fruta

So sweet que hoy compre 2 nectarinas de el señor

Tan deliciosas

Me pongo a imaginar cómo era el cuando tenia mi edad

Si el tenia sueños? Que eran sus sueños?

Que lo hace feliz? Que lo hace triste?

Algun dia le voy a preguntar, pero por ahorita escribo de el

Él nunca pone excusas

Ahí está vendiendo su fruta, no importa si hay color o si está cansado

Yo lo admiro

Hoy me llamo reina porque le compre fruta

El resto de mi dia sonreí

The community of Boyle Heights is strong. It’s supportive and hard-working. The fruit man has quickly become one of friends. We don’t talk on a daily basis, but we exchange smiles and give one another happiness. He is a prime example of a hardworking undocumented latinx. He should not be feared, nor deported. He is needed and wanted. Love.


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